One Love Rastafarian Tour

If you are a fan of Bob Marley’s music, then you’ll love this limited Rastafarian tour in the country of Jamaica.

You don’t have long, the tour only lasts between the 9th of July, and the 16th. You’ll experience three days in the busy and historic city of Kingston. You will then move on to four days in Port Antonio which will culturally leave your mouth watering. The seven day tour is meant to explore the routs and origins of Rastafarian culture.

If you want awe inspiring scenery, then you got it. The route from Kingston to Portland takes you through the beautiful Blue Mountains. Tour guides are guaranteeing that it will take your breath away. You’ll not only get to taste a whole range of culinary treats, but you’ll learn more about the lifestyles or Rastafarians.

For more details, checkout Hopefully this isn’t the end of what will be a popular holiday for many.

Rastafarians Around The World Praise Donald Trump

Now it seems that Donald Trumps deportation policy may have some fans. In the shape of the Rastafarian community. There have been a number of outspoken Rastafarians, that have spoke out and endorsed this plan, stating it will help people return to their roots.

Although the policy hasn’t attracted as much attention as the travel ban, it is still quietly working away in the background. Many Rastafarians from the 1980’s onward emigrated to America, and many have arrived and stayed illegally.

Although this community isn’t being directly targeted, it certainly is the first community to welcome the new Donald Trump Rules.

Couple Of Months Till Rastafest 2017

Get your bags and bongs and blunts packed for what will be a great festival this year. Rastafest is Canada’s largest cultural celebration of Rastafarian heritage. The festival is a family welcoming, and fun event that is multi disciplined, with all different aspects of Rastafarian culture. The festival draws upon inspiration from the culture, lifestyle, and history of Rastafarians.

The activities include  music and dance, as well as ancestral drumming. There are also arts and craft with a market place and many food cuisine stalls, to really ignite your taste buds. There are even youth activities to keep your kinds entertained, and help them learn about this important culture.

They feature many popular reggae artists from around the world, and the Caribbean. The festival organizers are Rastafest Inc, and the promotion is carried out by Masani Productions Inc. Rastafest is meant to be a place of entertainment and fun, and is a source of excitement for the entire family. It also provides great access and opportunity for networking and education.

Keeping Bob Marley’s Music Alive

Although Bob Marley did die 36 years ago, he also left a legacy in the form of his children.

One of those children that is maintaining the Marley light is Damien Marley. He is keeping his fathers legacy going with a new creative album featuring unique collaborations. He’s already distinguished himself, as a 2 time Grammy winner, who has created tracks with the likes of Bobby Brown, Nas, and even Skrillex. He went on to say that

“Skrillex reached out to me but then someone like Nas I have known for years. There’s a different story behind each collaboration, but ultimately it’s about the music.”

damien marley