One Love Rastafarian Tour

If you are a fan of Bob Marley’s music, then you’ll love this limited Rastafarian tour in the country of Jamaica.

You don’t have long, the tour only lasts between the 9th of July, and the 16th. You’ll experience three days in the busy and historic city of Kingston. You will then move on to four days in Port Antonio which will culturally leave your mouth watering. The seven day tour is meant to explore the routs and origins of Rastafarian culture.

If you want awe inspiring scenery, then you got it. The route from Kingston to Portland takes you through the beautiful Blue Mountains. Tour guides are guaranteeing that it will take your breath away. You’ll not only get to taste a whole range of culinary treats, but you’ll learn more about the lifestyles or Rastafarians.

For more details, checkout Hopefully this isn’t the end of what will be a popular holiday for many.